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Ken Carson Sweaty Feet Hot Meat








Foot Woody

Ken has a problem. His feet get so sweaty he’s afraid to take his shoes off in public. “I don’t know what it is but my feet are always sweaty. I have to change my socks at least twice a day or they’re gonna stink!”

He carefully peels off his damp socks and pushes his bright pink bare soles right up in the camera. This handsome young man has beautiful feet! He kicks off his pants and pulls out his rock hard uncut cock with a guilty look. Horny as fuck but a little shy about getting off with a camera in the room! He lovingly caresses his throbbing shaft and his toes wiggle back and forth involuntarily as the camera lingers on the moist flesh of his bare soles. He sticks his sweaty feet right up in the camera as he strokes a huge load of cum out of his cock. Glazing his belly with thick ropes of delicious jizz before flopping back on the couch. This one’s a keeper – sweaty feet and all!

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